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Shades of Gray

Nothing is black-and-white when dealing with love or murder. In Kim Sanders’ award-winning debut novel “Shades of Gray” (ISBN 1463731272), a young photojournalist finds herself on the wrong side of the lens when she is framed for murder.

Samantha “Sam” Jennings has never sought the spotlight in her career, preferring to hide behind a camera and let her work speak for itself. But when she is charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend Ben, her quiet lifestyle ends. To find the real killer, Sam is compelled to join forces with the man who haunts her dreams –defense attorney Caleb McCloud. McCloud, a spotlight-seeking golden boy with political aspirations, once chose his career over Sam’s love. As Sam and Caleb follow the clues and confront the killer, they must face the unresolved feelings they have for each other.

“This novel is a love story with a murder mystery pulling the characters together. Readers will be swept along hoping for a happy ending between Sam and Caleb, but also questioning who killed Ben and why,” says Sanders. “The ending is a surprise for the killer and the lovers.”

As Sam and Caleb draw together the clues to Ben’s murder, they must decide what will happen after Sam is cleared – will they separate again or plan a future together? But what happens if the killer eliminates their options? Intended for readers of romantic, character-based fiction, the book is written to engage and entertain with dramatic, humorous and touching moments.

Since its release, “Shades of Gray” placed first in the mystery/suspense category of the 2011 Get Your Stiletto in the Door Contest, received a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Romance, and was honored as a critics’ pick by Kirkus Reviews. The novel is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.




NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Pinnacle Award

Shades of Gray received a North American Book Dealers Exchange (NABE) Book Achievement Award for Best Book in the Category of Romance for Fall 2011. For 27 years, the NABE has presented Pinnacle Book Awards quarterly to outstanding books by its members.






Stiletto Contest Winner – Twice!


Kim's recently released novel Shades of Gray and her upcoming novel,The Ex Lottery, each won first place in their respective categories in the 2011 Stiletto Contest.

The seventh annual writing contest was sponsored by Chick Lit Writers of the World, an online chapter of Romance Writers of America. The contest offered wonderful detailed feedback and support from authors, agents, and publishers.

About the Author, Kim Sanders

Kim Sanders

Kim Sanders received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina and a law degree from Emory University. She has worked in various capacities over the years, including journalist, photographer, editor and attorney. Winning sixth place in a Writer’s Digest contest inspired Sanders to pursue a new career in fiction writing with her debut novel, “Shades of Gray.” Born and raised in the Southern United States, Sanders currently resides in South Carolina with her husband.

To read more about Kim and her works in progress, visit her website at www.kesanders.com

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